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Moosic Pump Station No. 1 Grinder Installation

Municipal wastewater typically contains assorted debris flushed into the sewer system. While only items specifically listed as flushable or sewer-safe should be disposed of down the drain, wastewater will generally include quantities of non-degradable items such as disposable wipes used for household cleaning, as well as health and hygiene products.

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Simpson Pump Station Modifications

Pumping stations are provided at several points within the LRBSA wastewater conveyance system. These stations are used to transport wastewater from low-lying areas to a point of higher elevation where the water can flow by gravity through the sewer system.

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Archbald WWTP Pump Control Panel Replacement

Electrical control panels for both the effluent and waste sludge pumping stations located at the Archbald wastewater treatment plant will be replaced with new equipment.

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Archbald Treatment Plant Solids Handling Improvements

The project will replace aging sludge thickening and dewatering equipment at the end of their useful service lives. The upgrades will improve operational efficiency and increase reliability of the solids handling processes.

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Moosic Pumps Stations #1 and #2 Pump Replacement

Sewage pumps will be replaced at two (2) pumping stations in the Borough of Moosic.

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Lackawanna River - Streambank Stabilization

Approximately 205 lineal feet of impacted streambank along the Lackawanna River will be stabilized and rock-lined to prevent further erosion and protect the existing LRBSA interceptor pipe located along the river.

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